November 2nd-5th, 2020 in the Canadian Rockies.
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are you ready to Elevate your business

to new heights?

Live business coaching to work through your biggest roadblocks.
Understand your numbers so you can make more and spend less.
Develop multiple marketing streams without a lot of effort.
Increase revenue from every wedding by selling prints and albums.
Build systems to improve productivity and give you back free time.
Create better channels of communication with your clients.
Quick SEO fixes you can make to increase your website traffic.
Homepage critiques to attract your ideal clients.

Time to actually work on all of the above!

My Story

Before becoming a Business Performance and Life-Design coach, I was a wedding photographer, shooting weddings around the world for 11 years with my wife Abigail.

In 2018 I started full time coaching for photographers. I help them elevate their business and take control of their lives using a number of tools. I learned these tools during those 11 years as a photographer as well as through the Wayfinder Life Coach Training I took from Martha Beck.

I have coached photographers from around the US, Canada, and Europe on a number of different business challenges, life changes, and everything in between. I have also spoken at events like WPPI, Mystic Seminars, The Fearless Conference, and a number of private workshops.

During this workshop you will have unfiltered access to me, all of my tools and all the ways I can help you elevate your business.


Your Ideal Client is Everything

We will start off the workshop by going through a number of different exercises and conversations to determine who your ideal client is for your business.

The idea of the Ideal Client has been around for decades, and it continues to come up during talks about marketing for a reason. Instead of shotgun blasting your marketing to everyone, we instead hone in your message and you start speaking directly to the types of people you want to speak to and who will love you and your work. 

Communication is key.

How we deliver our message is crucial, how we speak to our clients, in images, in the way we talk, and in the words we write.

We will go through all of your emails, your website copy, your pricing guides, even how you’re writing on Social Media to determine if your message is on point and on-brand.

The way we talk about ourselves and our work(which is really hard to do!) absolutely has to match who we are as a person, and they often get mixed up as our business grows.

Sales isn’t a dirty word.

In the creative world, sales is often neglected part when it comes to workshops, conferences or gatherings of any kind. We all love to be inspired or learn new techniques so we can go home and create better work. 

But I believe in getting paid what you’re worth, selling products you believe in, and making more money for less effort. 

We’ll cover low-impact sales techniques that don’t require you to have a studio, a thousand sample swatches, or hours of time but will still increase your overall revenue from every shoot.

First impressions matter.

When was the last time you did a deep-dive on your website to make sure that everything aligns with you, your branding, and your business?

We’ll go over best practices for your website copywriting, SEO (more on that below), and usability. 

And you’ll actually have time at the workshop to put all of these things into practice live on your site!

SEO doesn’t have to suck.

SEO is kind of a monster. The algorithms change daily or weekly, and they rarely ever tell us all we want to know. 

We’ll go over a lot of easy best practices to make your business more searchable, and searchable for the things you actually want to be found for.

And just like with your website, you’ll have the time to do this at the workshop so you’re not left to figure it out at home on your own.

Marketing the path of least resistance.

You know you have to market, we all know we have to market, but sometimes (most of the time) marketing can really suck.

I’ll break down some of the most effective ways to market your business and then we’ll work together to find which ones make the most sense for you.

Because if you’re not going to do them, then there is no point in having them as part of your business, so let’s figure out together what will work for you.

Systems will save your life.

If something comes up in my business that I don’t have a system for, I build a system for it right then.

When you have one way of doing something, then no matter how many times you do it, it’s always consistent for you and for your clients.

Systems also save you SO MUCH TIME. Time that is better spent out in the world, home with your family, or chilling doing your favourite hobby.

I will run you through all of my favourite systems, and then we’ll deep dive into creating the right ones for you in your business.

Don’t Adventure alone.

You wouldn’t go back-country hiking alone, or at least without telling anyone, the same should go for your business.

Not only will we all come together to collaborate on your business here at the workshop, but you’ll also get access to an online community of other adventurers who will be there for you when you head back home.

No more lonely hours at our desks, spending hours emailing, culling, editing, or any other number of tasks. When you feel that coming on, spend some time collaborating with other amazing business owners and creatives from around the world.

How the adventure works.

Monday evening – Everyone arrives, and we hang out and get to know one another.
Tuesday – All-day Business Development
Wednesday – All-day Business Development
Thursday – All-day Business Development
Friday – Head home after three full days of elevating your business to totally new heights.
You will build systems to improve productivity and give you back free time. Take time to create better channels of communication with your clients. Learn how to increase revenue from every wedding by selling prints and albums. Develop multiple marketing streams without a lot of effort. Implement Quick SEO fixes that will increase your website traffic. Together we will do homepage critiques to set you up to attract your ideal clients. We will spend time together to understand your numbers so you can make more and spend less. Constant and on-demand live business coaching to help you through your roadblocks.

Every day you will have time to actually work on all of the above. We’ll spend the morning learning lessons, the afternoons actually implementing this stuff into your business, and then the evenings reviewing, chatting and working through the kinks.


10 spots remaining
Full Investment: $2500 USD ($3300 CAD)
Early Bird (before July 2020): $2000 USD ($2650 CAD)
First 3 to Sign-up: $1500 USD ($1990 CAD)
Your investment will include 4-nights accommodation and all food and drinks at the workshop.

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