Business as an adventure

Uncover your true potential and achieve peak performance.
Empower yourself to live the life you’ve always wanted.
To seek and explore the dreams and paths you’ve always wanted to chase.
You owe it to yourself to be who you are meant to be.

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You’re ready for your next adventure, to take the first steps into the great unknown. Let me be your guide into the life you’ve always wanted to live, and the business you know you can build.
Every coaching package comes with a 30 minute complimentary consult, or get in touch if you just want to find out if coaching is right for you (trust me, it is!).

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 Are you looking to completely overhaul your business, or just find ways to improve your performance?

We will work together to uncover your hidden strengths, build the strategies and gain the insight you need to move forward to build the business you are dreaming of.



Does your life fit around your business right now instead of the other way around?

Would it be better if your life came first, and your business supported that instead?

Life-Design is a huge part of what we work on together, ensuring that you make the money you want from your business but not at the cost of time with your family, your hobbies or anything that you love.

Build the business you’ve always dreamt you would have.

The core component in any solo creative business is you.

You are where it works, and where it fails.

I help photographers develop the methodology to hit peak performance based on who they are, what they love to shoot, and what their unique personality is bringing to the table.

I don’t coach specifically for marketing or for business techniques what I do instead is work with you to find your strengths and mentor you through the challenges as you do the work. Through that we will develop marketing strategies that connect you with your ideal clients, and show them value beyond just your amazing photographs.

I won’t just give you a pre-made list of things to do to earn more business. Instead, we would work together to narrow down your strengths and weaknesses. We then develop a number of methods to use your strengths to work toward earning more business and work on changing, developing, our outsourcing the weaknesses so they aren’t holding you back.

Often when you work with a business coach or read a business book the creator has a system, and that system works if you buy into it or it matches your personality type exactly. But if you don’t buy into it you’ve learned their system but your business hasn’t improved in any way.

I leverage my 10 years of experience as an entrepreneur and my lifelong dedication to research and knowledge gathering against where you are at specifically in your business.

I have found that too many people expect a silver bullet, that one thing that will magically increase their business, bookings, and profit. That sort of thing doesn’t exist. If it did, anyone who took a business workshop, or read just one business book would be as popular and busy as the creator. But what really sets the creator apart is that they play to their strengths, and they’ve focused their performance to work toward those strengths.

Together we will build on your performance and around your strengths, rather than the strengths of others. You will succeed as you and for you, not by following someone else’s system but by creating one specifically tailored to you.


Discover Your
path in life and business.

Working together we can reconnect you with who you really are, or who you dream to be. 

Hey, I’m Dave!

And I love exploring our world, and the lives of my clients.

I work with amazing people who are dreaming and striving for more. 
People who want to see what’s over the next metaphorical mountain, around the next bend in their lives. 
People with endless curiosity to discover more about themselves and the lives they are meant to be living.

So what're you waiting for?